According to the survey 7% people face complications regarding the harassment when they join the office. Well, at many companies it is very common to face office harassment that leads to anxiety and sometimes people commit suicides, which is really common among the new employers those are soft hearted. Therefore, for stopping these kinds of problems it is really important for everyone to goes to the root of these kinds of problems for finding the strict solutions.  As similar as, a case of serenity nlp  has been registered by an office employer called Sandra Wellock, that talked about a person of her office.

So called Best-Selling book!

According to the Millin, he is bestselling author, but an employer of his office decided to take a closer look and able to explore absolutely no evidence for his work every come on best seller list. It is also fact that his book has the rank of 272,285, which is really long way from being the best seller that he claims, which is really surprising for the people, who don’t much more about this person. You can read the review of people about this case for earning more facts about the serenity NLP at different online sources.

That Rip-Off Courses of him!

That person also talked about the rip-off course called NLP, which was running and life coaching and he also used to be talking about the expensive courses as well, which was really dump. Not only this, this is both laughable and really dangers for other staff members of the office. Nevertheless, even he also used to say that he has taken what he called the best bits from other people and join them to form his own training that is really dangerous for the other people.